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plitoX AI Services
Streamline your sales with plitoX AI chat bots

plitoX Chat Bot Features

Our plitoX Chat Bot comes with advanced features

  • Enable Personalised Customer care
  • Personalised promotions
  • Provide product information
  • Assist online purchases
  • Answer Frequently asked questions
  • Make appointments

plitoX Chat Bot Plans

Choose a plan according to your needs

Basic Plan
Starting at:
$ 167.83 /month
Up to 2 500 conversations per month
Up to 5 products programmed
Image, Video Web link sharing
Free IVR Menu
*Setup Fee: $ 184.62

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Starter Plan
Starting at:
$ 33.51 /month
Up to 1 000 conversations per month
Up to 2 products or services programmed
Image, Video & Web link sharing
Free IVR Menu
*Setup Fee: $ 184.62
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Advanced Plan
Starting at:
$ 369 /month
Up to 5 000 conversations per month
Up to 10 products programmed
Image, video Web link sharing
1 plitoX Human agent
3 Free IVR Menus
*Setup Fee: $ 1399
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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Common Questions on the plitoX AI Chat Bot:

What is an AI Chat Bot?
  • An AI Chat Bot is a robot that chats to your clients via Whatsapp using Artificial Intelligence.

What information sources does the chat bot use?

    The plitoX AI Chat bot uses information from a knowledge base, which comprises of information about your company and services you provide.

How long does it take to setup?
  • This depends on the complexity of the bot you wish to setup.

    Typically, the plitoX AI Chat bot takes about 2-4 weeks to set up depending on the complexity of services you offer and featiures you want. For example, if you want the chat bot to query your company database files, this may require API integration and require even more time to integrat

What happens if the bot is unable to answer a question?
  • The plitoX bot will refer the client to a human agent or to online articles similar to the query the client may have.

What is location sharing?
  • This is one of the many features of the plitoX Chat bot.

    If a client asks the bot where your store or business is located, it can send a GPS / Google maps location to the client.

    Traditionally, the client would have had to google your business or phone in to find directions.

How does the billing work?
  • plitoX allows for up to 1000 free conversations per month.

    Thereafter, businesses are billed per message.Please refer to the specific plan you are interested in for out-of-bundle pricing rates.

    Please note, unused conversation credits will expire at the end of the current month and will not be carried over to the next month.

What contract options are available?
  • Currently, our chat bots are available on a 12-month contract only.

What are the requirements?
  • You must have duly registered business and the following documents:

    1. Proof of operating address

    2. Proof of bank account / bank statement

    3. Dedicated local cellphone number

    4. Verified Business Page on Facebook

    5. 12 months signed contract with plitoX

    We currently do not provide the plitoX Chat Bot AI service to individuals.

Why do you charge a setup fee?
  • The setup fee covers the costs of initially feeding data into the robot which will be used to make conversation with your clients. This is a time consuming process.

    During this phase we also gather and submit all legal business documents. It is a requirement to prove the legitimacy of your business in order to operate AI chat bots on Whatsapp (which is a platform owned by Facebook, Inc).

    Our setup fee is highest on our corporate AI plans where API integrations are required as it requires extensive coding.

Can I try out the plitoX Chat Bot?
  • Yes, ofcourse!

    Simply email us on for demo access

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